December 13th, 2015 at 2:10am

A simple scarf and a layer of red lipstick is all you need to go from Lookbook to looking for books.

Being well-read is always a good thing, as is being well-red (lipsticked, that is) and this Fashionista falls into both categories. After a day of studying, she looked to go beyond the books and spruce things up for a quick coffee in the evening with a simple change of scarf styling and a dab of lipstick—from taking books off the shelf and herself out on the town. Though finals are falling quickly upon malcontent college students everywhere, leaving less and less spare time from laptop-to-book-to-test, this Fashionista I spotted has the quick solution, with extra ways for keeping up with the weather.
Her solution for taking full advantage of that short time to treat yo’self when you don’t have a moment to spare (i.e., leaving the library to coffee to class, repeat) is a stellar scarf.

Going for a Grace Kelly glam, this Fashionista also opted for a burnt berry lip color—another easy-as-anything quick fix for a coffee break from living in the library before the full on frenzy of finals. Super versatile, va-va-voom and vermilion (I mean, that’s just stress-relieving to say).

So, pick up your scarf and pack up your lipstick tube or lip stain bottle for feeling fresh before finals. Besides, whether for studying or pleasure reading, you never know who’ll be looking at you looking at that book.

One Simple Change: Switch up with a scarf. This super rad and stylish solution can be dressed up or dressed down, taking it from a necessary neck-warmer to Grace Kelly glamour only requires a re-positioning of the scarf to bring a fresh’n’fast new feel to your look. Of course if ’50s editorial glam isn’t your thing, a scarf can be worn a million and one ways (or something like that) and is practical. Neck warming? Hair tie? Shawl? Makeshift blanket? Overall fabulous-ness? All from the same scarf, and never requiring a trek back to your room to change. The only time required away from your studies is just a glance in a compact mirror or phone.