Picture this: It’s the day before that huge exam you’ve been anxiously dreading, which means you’re going to have an afternoon (and endless night) full of studying and chugging iced caramel macchiatos. You groggily wake up at the crack of dawn to make the most of your day, so you’re not exactly feeling fashionably inclined when you open your closet doors. Your eyes are immediately drawn to those cozy sweatpants from the Walmart men’s section and your favorite hoodie sweatshirt from high school.

Sound familiar? I’ll be the first to admit that nothing beats a little sweatpants action every now and then, but when 3:00 p.m. hits and my coffee buzz subsides, I always regret this decision because the comfy sweatshirt and sweatpants combo makes me long for my equally as comfy bed. Thus ensues a five-minute power-nap turned hour-long snooze, which means one less hour of memorizing the definition of entrepreneurship.

While walking to the library one sunny afternoon, I came across this Fashionista, who was sporting an adorable outfit that was fit for hours spent cooped up in the library. Graphic T-shirts are a mainstay in my personal wardrobe, and this gal’s shirt is now on the top of my wish list. The saying on it rings true with Fashionistas everywhere who understand the struggle of putting together a stylish outfit every morning when all that’s on your mind is not being late to class or acing that inevitable pop quiz.

A chambray button-down shirt like hers is a vital component to any gal’s fall wardrobe. It’s the perfect layer to throw on over an outfit to tie all the elements together, just as she did. It’s lightweight enough to not induce backpack sweat as you walk to your afternoon class, but it’s also durable enough to provide some warmth if it gets chilly in the library. When all else fails, you can easily tie it around your waist and look just as chic.

To top off her outfit, this Fashionista was rocking some super cool shiny sandals before the warm weather is replaced by the chillier, sweater weather. By combining her edgy graphic T-shirt, versatile chambray shirt and statement-making sandals, this Fashionista landed an outfit that would keep her feeling confident and motivated all day long while cramming for an exam.

One Simple Change: Heading to a concert right after your library session but don’t have time to change your entire outfit? If you’re wearing an outfit similar to this gal’s, you can totally make it to the opening act. Simply swamp those sandals for some high-top Vans, and you’ll be ready to jump into the mosh pit with no fear of having your toes crushed. Rock on!