The library is basically a second home for most college students. It is the place where we do our work, occasionally study and spend most of our time browsing through sites like CollegeFashionista, or—let’s be serious—Buzzfeed. But, for those students who go to the library to actually study, I can understand that being fashionable may not be your main priority. Let’s face it—between class, internships and work, some students may find it difficult to actually find the time to pick something decent to wear to the library. Aside from wearing your go-to Rutgers hoodie, a simple and easy article of clothing can jazz up your comfortable go to library outfit. For starters, I know for a fact that I spend about 65% of my personal time at the library. Well, that’s aside from being in class and having quick 15 minute naps in my dorm.

However, you may be a bit apprehensive about dressing up to the library, but there is a bit of logic behind this. Your outfit gives you confidence, and as you study away at the library, your outfit may give you that occasional confidence boost that is needed during the most stressful study sessions. That simple hoodie you may have thought about wearing would not be able to give you that confidence boost as you stressfully study. This Fashionista looks as if she was just pulled out of a Brandy Melville lookbook. This simple, yet comfortable knit that she dons is perfect for the library. The stripes on her dress add a sense of unexpected excitement to her outfit.The delicate textures of the dress and the warmth of the sweater act as great protection from the frigid temperatures of the library. This Fashionista finishes off her look with a matching set of flats and tote bag. She is ready to study away at the library!

One Simple Change: If you might have spent the entire day at the library and want to grab a bite to eat with your friends, switch out flats for a fun pair of gladiator scandals. This will immediately dress up your simple and comfortable library outfit.