Once temperatures begin to climb people are less inclined to stay outside longer than needed. If you are fortunate enough to have an internship or job near campus, summer would be a great time to explore different parts of the community. Some may be so inclined as to read up on different subjects in their free time as well. This Fashionista is doing just that, escaping the heat with a good read after her internship.

This summer, two very different trends exist. One is the minimalist trend where boxier shapes are preferred and the other is the boho trend where people opt for longer lengths as well as brighter colors and patterns. This Fashionista shows off her take on this trend perfectly in a floral maxi dress. The dress has buttons down the front, making the garment more fitted while the tie around the waist is a nice simple addition that adds femininity. She also accessorizes it with another trend: fringe. The pairing of these who trends is quite popular and alludes back to the 1960s hippie movement.

The library is great place to get lost and explore subjects far beyond the classroom and with such comfortable seating, one could get lost amongst its stacks of books for hours. However, one must be equipped with a comfy outfit. Why spend hours somewhere when your outfit is too tight or cumbersome? Most libraries often have small aisles, but this Fashionista is prepared with her fitted floral dress and comfy shoes. Although she is wearing a maxi dress, it does not fall away from the body, but straight down. This makes walking, even in the smallest of spaces, a breeze. While she’s there, she may even be able to pop downstairs for a bit of coffee as well!

One Simple Change: This outfit is very versatile because it can even be taken from a relaxing afternoon at the library to an outdoor summer concert. All that is needed is to accessorize with a pair of funky sunglasses. Another great addition would be a trendy hat, these often give the outfit a bit more flare, but require very little hassle. If desired, the shoes can be switched out for gladiator sandals as they are a great trendy shoe for the summer, which is sure to make other concertgoers drool. And for an all day concert don’t forget to pack sandwiches and a blanket!