You know what they say; the couple that studies together stays together. Unfortunately for most college couples, finals could really make or break a relationship. The countless hours you put in at the library, in class or in line at the nearest Starbuck’s only takes more time away from bae time. So let’s try something different: study with bae to get that one-on-one time and to get that “A.”

This couple is in for some serious power studying. From the looks of their casual, yet comfy and stress-free ensembles, it could be a long morning. This Fashionista went with a neutral and relaxed color palette. Her white jeans are the perfect contrast to her man’s black denim (Coulomb’s Law does state that opposites attract). Her gold watch is a practical and classy finish to her outfit. On the other hand, this Fashionisto opted for a little more color to brighten his outfit. While a chambray button-down is classic, a cheeky and sophisticated snapback lightens the mood for their study session. The best part of this couple’s look is their matching shoes; granted, it’s a house divided situation as he wears Vans and she wears Converse.

It’s a proven fact that studying with a peer or buddy increases your test scores and decreases your stress. A win-win for you and bae? I think so!

One Simple Change: Were you and bae heading out on a date after a long day of hitting the books? Give your brain a break, throw on a leather jacket and swap out your sneakers for heels. Keep his style no-fuss by changing out the slip-ons for suede or leather Chelsea boots.