With finals week quickly approaching, Fashionistas and Fashionistos are prepping for all night cram sessions. While spending long nights in the library, do not forget to pack healthy snacks, take regular study breaks and put together an ultimate study playlist. I never head to the library without my Starbucks coffee and many highlighters. During this year’s finals week, head to the library in style with these trendy tips.

This Fashionista heads to the library in her adorable military jacket. For warmer weather, try swapping this tan coat out for a lightweight cardigan. Underneath her jacket this Fashionista wears a black peplum. Peplum tops are great for library excursions because they will keep you comfortable without sacrificing style. Paired with jeans, this look is both collegiate and casual. For accessories, this Fashionista wore a simple silver necklace and a classic pair of aviators. Finally, to complete your look, throw on a trendy backpack. This Fashionista’s black and tan bag is perfect for toting around all her important school books. The backpack is the most essential item in your library look. Make sure to study hard for finals this week and remember these tips when styling your library look.

One Simple Change: To create an even comfier outfit, switch your jeans with a stretchy pair of leggings. If you had originally opted for a black peplum top, consider changing the color of your shirt so as not to overdose on darkness. Finally, to create a more studious feel, swap out your contacts for glasses and save your eyes from some future soreness.