April 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

At last we have reached the point where classes are wrapping up. Finals are in sight, which means long nights in the library. Whether you’re planning an all-nighter or just hitting the books until the early hours of the morning, comfort is most certainly key. This Fashionista exemplifies this rule of thumb perfectly—she is study snug.

This Fashionista’s library look is enviously comfortable. She keeps the colors neutral and pairs a few library essentials for a great study time ensemble. This Fashionista pairs black leggings and black Vans with a light gray crewneck oversized sweater. While the black shoes are a great staple, you could also add a pop of color and bring some blooms into the mix. The Ralph Lauren piece is actually borrowed from the boys, giving it that extra slouchy boyfriend aesthetic. This crewneck shows everyone what grade you’ll be getting.

She pairs her simple clothes with some amazing accessories, too. She sports a two-toned gold and silver watch along with some other silver bracelets, making sure to keep track of the time while working on those class assignments. She also wears a pair of glasses that complement her hair and eye color while helping her to work easily. With a coffee in hand, this Fashionista will be completely ready to tackle her studies in snug style.

One Simple Change: Have you been sitting in that one chair at that one desk for more hours than you can count? Swap out the Vans for proper running sneakers, and you’ve got a casual workout ensemble. Is your workout more OHM-inducing? Simply add a sports bra into the mix, and you will be ready for all those downward dogs before you reach that ultimately relaxing Shavasana.