April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Spending time in the library is a part of everyday college life. Studying in the library calls for comfortable clothes and copious amounts of coffee. Luckily this Fashionista has one of these down already! Her perfect library look is sure to maintain her fashionable reputation while allowing her to study in comfort.

Comfortable certainly does not mean ugly. This Fashionista demonstrates the perfect chic comfortable look that’s sure to allow her to study in style. Her neutral shoes and sweater pair perfectly with her light pink top and statement necklace. Her dark jeans give her outfit a touch of sophistication while still maintaining comfort.

Her dark wash skinny jeans give her bottom half a feminine shape. This is expertly paired with a longer neutral sweater that gives her outfit more comfort while still maintaining style. Her cotton candy pink shirt gives her outfit some color without overwhelming it.

Her light brown combat boots add another neutral color to her ensemble while also adding depth. The comfort of the combat boot is unmatched. These combat boots pair perfectly with her pastel shirt and maintain the mostly neutral motif of her outfit.

Lastly, her statement necklace adds a polished touch to her outfit. It adds a dressy feel without trying too hard. Its neutral color keeps with the theme but adds a bit of shine to dress up her look.

One Simple Change: Have a presentation later? Add a pair of neutral heels to this look and it will go from casual to professional.