The end of spring semester brings many challenges. With classes wrapping up, it seems there is always something that needs to be done. It is often hard to balance the enormous amount of end of year work with spending time with friends that you won’t see over the summer. As a result, I end up spending much time with my friends in the library in an attempt to solve both problems. Going to the library with friends tricks me into thinking I’m not actually doing work and instead having fun. So, what does one wear to the library when it is more of a social gathering with friends?

This Fashionista sports the perfect outfit for a rainy day at the library with friends. Her Hunter Boots are stylish but also practical, and the black color is super versatile. She pairs her boots with simple black leggings, a library-wear staple because they are so comfortable. Leggings are really great for long hours spent in an uncomfortable library chair studying. She keeps it simple with a basic white top and blue vest to finish off her look, and she adds interest in the details of her outfit. This Fashionista knows the importance of accessorizing. A leopard scarf and bright white hat top off her chic library look.

Oftentimes, library outfits can look sloppy and overly comfortable, with a majority of library goers sporting sweats or pajamas. What’s great about this outfit is that it is comfortable but very pulled together. Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista, and you’re sure to “dress for success!”

One Simple Change: Are you going on a casual date after studying? Swap out your leggings for jeans for more a polished look!