April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas! Unfortunately at this moment, everybody is stressed out with their last midterms, so I came up with some cute but comfy outfits for one of the most visited places by all of us at this point—the library.

When dressing up on what is going to be a hard studying day, one of the first things that come to my mind is a pair of leggings. Call me weird, but I cannot stand for a long time sitting on a chair in the same position. I need to be continually moving until my legs are such a mess that I cannot move anymore. Here is where a good pair of leggings can make your studying day much more comfortable. What’s even more, a pair of nice stylish sneakers, like the ones the Fashionista is wearing, can also be very convenient for this reason.

Once I know the lower part of my look, I usually like to give the special touch to the upper part of the outfit. No matter if going to the library is our best plan for the day, I personally think you should always feel good with yourself. By this I mean not only comfortable, but seeing you with something that you really like and think looks good on you can also help your mood and therefore your study.

So that being said, I will suggest a nice shirt with a quote or pattern drawn on it. We all have this type of shirt and know how easy is to look good in them. That’s why this is the perfect choice for the occasion.

Nevertheless, I think that what I actually enjoy most of the Fashionista’s outfit is the denim anorak she is wearing. This element is essential because, as we all know some libraries just don’t know how to manage their air conditioning and we end up needing a complete winter pack of scarf and gloves to be able to stay inside. Picking up a light jacket is always a great idea!

One Simple Change: I will suggest a simple change that would help your outfit work with your plans after your study session. My suggestion is to change the Fashionista’s sneakers for some less casual kicks, like these ones designed by Steven Madden. Everybody wants to wear them this spring, and that could give you just the perfect touch to totally change your studying mode into a day-to-day look for class.