April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Although we can all be happy that the weather is finally getting warmer, school is coming to an end and those beautiful, blazing hot days on the beach are only weeks away. The reality is that there are still a few more weeks of lectures, recitations, papers and finals to suffer through in school. That being said, the final stretch of classes calls for some extra library time. 

When you are going to the library to cram in some last minute studying or essay editing, comfort is key in your wardrobe. No one wants to be worrying about stiff jeans, uncomfortable heels or constricting crop tops while at the library, so some outfit alterations are needed. This Fashionisto perfectly exudes this comfortable look, as he heads to the library to finish up some work before the weekend kicks off.

On top, this Fashionisto sports a knitted cream sweater to keep him warm and cozy. Although he still wears a sweater, the cream color allows for a spring vibe to shine through this colder weather piece. On bottom, some gray joggers are donned, continuing this look of effortless comfort. These fitted joggers are a great alternative to the normal baggy sweatpants, as they are a bit more tailored than the standard pair of sweats. If you don’t already own a pair of joggers, do yourself a huge favor and purchase a pair. This season, joggers have become my obsession. Black, light gray, off-white, charcoal gray—any color will work. With a multitude of colors and materials, different joggers can be dressed up or dressed down. To perfectly complete this outfit, this Fashionisto wears some awesome Saucony sneakers. These limited edition kicks add a bit of subtle color with a hint of pink, yet still exude that same earthy, spring vibe with hues of cream, white, gray and light brown.

So, when you are dreading the library, just remember that in a few weeks we will all be relaxing poolside. However, in the time being, we can at least spend our time studying in comfort and style. Two of my springtime necessitates, both of which are donned by this Fashionisto, are a pair of joggers and a killer pair of sneakers. Both of these pieces are extremely versatile and will become quintessential pieces in your wardrobe, guaranteed.

One Simple Change: Going out at night for some well deserved fun after logging some hours at the library? To switch this look from day to night, swap out the joggers for a pair of light brown, chinos. This will immediately dress the look up a bit, while still keeping it causal and cool.