April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the semester comes to a close, students spend weeks working on their classes’ final projects. What’s more, teachers may require extensive research as a part of this assignment. A Fashionista/o may want to solely rely on their school’s online databases for information, but one of the best resources is just a short walk away, and can easily be overlooked with the presence of today’s technology—the good old-fashioned library.

A college library serves multiple purposes. Not only does it house information on everything from A to Z (literally), but its quiet study areas provide a more focused environment in which Fashionistas/os can really get down to business. As for library attire, it’s easy to put on a pair of comfy sweats and hide out in the stacks. A true Fashionista/o, however, takes the opportunity to stand out amongst the books and challenge themselves to find a fashionable and functional outfit for some hardcore studying. This Fashionista definitely hits the mark.

Today’s embrace of athletic wear and flexible materials makes it easier than ever to find everyday wear that looks red carpet ready but feels relaxed. This Fashionista’s worn in oversized sweater, durable leggings and a cozy black beanie really feel chill. By sticking to shades of maroon, cream and black, she has put together a muted color palette appropriate for an academic environment. No sparkly accessories or sky high heels are worn as they could distract this Fashionista from her academic endeavors. She’s all business.

Even though this Fashionista is clearly dressed to reduce stress, she incorporates a few subtle trends into her ensemble. A black tattoo choker (handcrafted by yours truly) is the epitome of the current ’90s fashion trend. Her subtle strappy bralette and lacy socks add flirty flair to an austere outfit just in case she bumps into that cute guy from her macro class.

One Simple Change: The aforementioned macro man wants to go out for dinner after your study session? No worries, Fashionistas. Swap the comfy sweater for a leather dress and enjoy a break from your academics. You’ve earned this date night.