April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

In not-so-recent news, reality TV has gleefully coined the phrase “Sunday Fun-day.”

You’re telling me Sundays are fun, Kim Kardashian? Maybe, but it’s hard when you put off 60 pages of biochem to read, a French project and a philosophy paper—all of which are due by Monday. But who’s to say your fashion sense has to suffer as badly as your sanity while posted up in the library for hours on end?

Take note of this week’s Fashionista: she understands that there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style, especially when hitting the books. She might as well be in sweatpants and an old T-shirt for the level of comfort her easygoing Brandy Melville mini dress achieves. I love pieces like these, especially Brandy’s—they’re timeless yet trendy all at once, and the soft cotton fabric makes you feel like you’re practically in pajamas.

For added fun, our Fashionista throws on an adorable netted cardigan, also by Brandy Melville. It can get pretty chilly in those library cubicles or computer labs, so why not keep it cute and cozy all at once?

As far as shoes go, this Fashionista maintains her dual standard of style and comfort by strutting around in some black-leather slip-on sneakers. “They’re a favorite of mine,” she remarks; we both love the edginess the pair contributes to the rather delicate look.

Some dainty jewelry pieces contrast to the edginess of the shoes: she layers two clover-shaped necklaces—one blue and one white—complete with beautiful gold chain detailing.

One Simple Change: Looking for something a little more sophisticated but with similar comfort? Swap out the edgy sneakers for a more delicate pair of nude espadrilles and you’ll be ready for a casual date night.