April 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

There are plenty of reasons to visit the library. There’s the typical one: buckling down and studying for an important exam or rushing to get that 15 page essay written sans distractions. You could also make the journey to the library for a not so obvious reason. Maybe you could crave the silence that the shelves of the vacant seventh floor brings because your roommate just discovered Spotify and is currently blasting a playlist entitled “Brand Nu Disco.” Who knows? Whatever your reason for visiting the library, make sure you look good.

This Fashionista sports the perfect outfit for an all-nighter or just a casual stroll through the psychology section. Her graphic T-shirt provides the perfect amount of sass and adorableness. Over her T-shirt, she throws on a solid black bomber jacket that she can take on and off with ease, depending on whether the library’s temperature is sweltering or cold enough to turn your hands blue. And if your library is anything like Kent State’s, you know the harsh reality of that.

She wears some light wash skinny jeans and rolls them slightly above the ankle. Her colorful Vans add the perfect pop of color and are as awesome as they are practical. In the library, you have to be comfortable, but a stylish outfit is non-negotiable.

One Simple Change: Reward yourself for all that studying and go hit the town with your best friends. Swap the bomber out for a leather jacket and put on some heels and you’re on your way to a girl’s night out!