As midterms are flying by, final projects are rapidly approaching. At this point in the spring semester, it’s hard to think of anything other than our fun summer plans. This is the time when projects start piling up and it’s important to be on top of everything before the rest of the semester flies by, which always happens quite rapidly. This Fashionista’s relaxed look is great for hitting the library.

I’m personally at the point where I am so busy with projects, I sometimes forget what I wore so far in the week. It happens to most of us, right? This Fashionista’s simplistic look is practical, yet cute and comfortable. I am all about chic looks that are easy to assemble. I also tend to wear a lot of black since it is always a flattering and easy color to wear.

This Fashionista chose a great pair of wine-colored crop’s rather than an easy pair of blue jeans. I like this approach because the colored pants are comfortable, and are usually much more interesting and unique than the average blue jean. The good news is that colored jeans can be just as easy to wear as blue jeans. Find your favorite pair of colored crops, like these from Nordstrom, to wear with a pretty tank top. Finish this look off with a nice black bag to carry all of your books and a cute pair of sunglasses!

One Simple Change: If you want to meet up with friends after a day of classes, this look can easily transform into a girl’s night out outfit! Just switch the sandals out for a pair of black flats or wedges. To make the look a little more fun and trendy, you can also switch out the large bag for a smaller bag, like this fun, studded cross-body bag from Big Buddha!