With finals coming up quickly, the library will soon be crowded with busy students. Whenever I plan on spending an extended amount of time in the library, I always take my level of comfort into consideration. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while trying to study―the process is gruelling enough on its own! More importantly, trying to look stylish while at the library can be an additional stress.

This Fashionista has done it right. Her boyfriend jeans are an ideal choice for a day spent writing a paper at the library. While skinny jeans may be your go-to, a looser fit will be much less constricting and much more flexible for spending the majority of your day sitting down. She pairs her relaxed jeans with a slouchy sweater and a puffer jacket. The puffer jacket is the perfect piece for this occasion because it can be easily stuffed away in a backpack.

She completes her outfit with a heather gray toque and some stacked gray socks. The socks help to add some detail to the outfit and also function to keep this Fashionista’s ankles warm. Finally, she has also chosen to go with a pair of easy-to-wear Nikes. The sneakers are stylish, cozy and a good choice for the library.

One Simple Change: Taking a break from studying and heading out on a casual date night? Try swapping out the puffer jacket for a leather jacket. This will align with the overall casual look but will add a little bit of edge to the outfit. You may also consider swapping the sneakers for a pair of black booties. By switching the shoes, keep in mind that you will change the feel of the outfit.