The countdown is on for Spring Break here in San Diego. Even though we live where you Spring Break, it doesn’t mean there’s only fun and games on the sunny campus. We have to face the brunt of midterm week also. When spending hours inside of a library, I have one requirement: lots of coffee and comfort. Okay, so that’s two, but you get what I mean.

This Fashionistia radiates brilliance and effortlessly cool vibes as I catch her taking a break outside the library. I absolutely adore her stunning dress with its free silhouette. It knows exactly what we want in life: a flattering fit, a touch of flair and, most importantly, extreme comfort. The library tends to feel like an icebox at times, so she aced her look by wearing a cardigan with a relaxed fit, looking so soft and cozy. Continuing her rad outfit, she wears worn-in brown booties, which are the perfect addition. This Fashionista is on-point as she keeps the color scheme to earthy tones, adding to her easy look.

When going to the library, one must not forget the accessories. This Fashionista’s three-tiered necklace creates layers and lends to a cool, artistic finish for her look. She is on top of her game as she completes her outfit with various gold bangles and stacked rings. This Fashionista earns an A plus in my book with her phenomenal combination of a dreamy dress and flowing sweater, so I’m sure she also killed her midterm exams after long hours spent in the library.

One Simple Change: Longing for more comfort after you spent hours in the library? Throw on a pair of luxurious Birkenstocks to help carry you through your finals.