As Florida prepares for the renewal of spring, the semi-Arctic temperatures shift from outdoors to the campus library. I’m not kidding. The library is freezing cold for the majority of the academic year.

Stetson University’s library is a cold, quiet place of study. When you walk in, you immediately notice the smells of mothballs and knowledge. In a visual context, it is the true epicenter of the campus’ diversity. Every fashion archetype takes academic (and weather) refuge in the library.

This Fashionisto’s look is a classic. I consider it the default, trendy boy uniform that exhibits the three C’s: collared shirt, cardigan and cargo pants. The navy blue cardigan layered over the burgundy button-up suggests a slightly above average fashion awareness. The tan cargo pants are practical and have an opaque material to insulate temperature. Good choice, trendy boy. The jungle green watch has “I’m a modern, hip college student that cares about my looks” written all over it.

That’s the thing about college: it alters your self- perception. For many, it becomes a norm to critically think about how you dress and act and how that represents yourself in the physical world.

This outfit is ideal for the library because of it’s capacity to be keep this Fashionisto comfortable while also attracting girls with fringe bangs, thick glasses, and soy milk lattes.

One Simple Change: Button the collared shirt all the way and add a bowtie! Bowties are the male equivalent of pretty, girlish headbands. The addition of a bowtie will change the look from library to Scrabble date material in a cinch.