With midterm week quickly approaching, trips to the library are absolutely necessary. One thing that makes getting to the library such a hassle is dressing for negative temperatures while still being comfortable. Comfort is so critical when going to the library because you’re there for hours, you may be having difficulty with the material you’re studying and the last thing you need is your shoes to be too tight or your pants cutting into your waist.

This Fashionista’s causal outfit is both comfortable, durable and cute for the winter weather. This loosely fitted Lacoste pullover sweater that this Fashionista found at a local consignment store is the pretty combination of comfort and warmth. The large graphic logo design on the front of the sweater makes the outfit playful. Since this Fashionista was headed to a three hour study group, she opted for a pair of fleece-lined leggings instead of her favorite pair of jeans.

For shoes, she tackled the snowy weather with her L.L.Bean snow boots. This Fashionista pays close attention to detail by having her socks peek out from her boots. Little details like this one gives off the impression of having put a lot of effort into your outfit. This Fashionista kept her accessories minimal with this cute sun face choker. She kept her hair styled very appropriate for the library by simply tucking it behind her ears.

One Simple Change: If studying at the library wasn’t the only thing on your agenda for the day, layer this sweater over top of a collared button-down for more of preppy look.