Just because you are going to the library does not mean you have to pull out your old gym shorts from the hamper and throw on a not-so-white T-shirt. Looking stylish while burying your head in yesterday’s history notes could make you seem, well, more attractive, hint hint, if you can catch my drift. Ladies love an educated man, or at least one that appears to know what’s going on in school!

Funny thing is, I spotted this Fashionisto in the library and he was really easy to spot because he was the only person in the vicinity that had on real clothes. This Fashionisto knew what he was doing when he put this outfit together. He had on a pair of black, heavy linen joggers and topped them with a forest green button-up shirt. Notice the buttons on his shirt are of a tan color, which makes this button-up great for casual wear, such as pairing it with some denim jeans. For shoes, he has on a pair of high-top green and burnt red Nikes, which I have to say go great with the vintage-style cardigan he threw on to complete his ensemble. This is perfect for wearing to the library because it can get pretty chilly in there. Cardigans of such style can be found at thrift stores at really good prices. His wrist game is on point. He has on minimal jewelry: a decent sized watch for wearing on campus and a crochet bracelet representing his fraternity.

One Simple Change: You can definitely wear this outfit on the weekend while you are out with the guys. Just leave the cardigan at home and switch out the tennis shoes for some brown combat boots to give the outfit a different feel.