March 10th, 2016 at 2:10am

While in England, I noticed the juxtaposition between American museums and those in the UK. The MET and MoMA charge an admission fee, but museums like The Victoria and Albert, Tate Modern and the William Morris Gallery are free to the public. As a connoisseur of the arts and literature (hello, fellow English majors), this caused me to rethink my observation. Libraries have provided free access to culture all my life. Museums? They provide just as much access to couth endeavors, yet there lies a gap between who can afford access to this means of culture and the former. This gap has sparked my interest in writing an Honors thesis that will explore the effects of Medieval literature on 19th century British artwork—particularly that of William Morris—to illustrate the importance of affordable access to both literature and art.

On the topic of libraries, there isn’t a week that goes by where I do not find myself in the comfort of Woodruff Library’s Peet’s Coffee and Teas or the stacks where the actual studying takes place. This week’s Fashionisto accomplishes the daunting task of finding a library-appropriate outfit that still speaks to his personality—quirky yet scholarly. With a screen print pullover, this makes one’s job that much easier. Athleisure definitely serves as our saving grace this term. When you pair an athleisure-inspired piece with a pair of denim straight-legged pants, you will create an outfit that is perfect for school.

There’s a certain “wow” factor that surrounds his fashion statement. The wearer can maintain a polished appearance all the while wearing a comfortable piece that proves necessary for a Sunday study marathon at the library. On warmer days, much like the ones that have graced Atlanta, Georgia this past week, one can go without layering; however, wear this pullover on top of a bright button-down or layer on a black coat if winter weather still plagues your campus. In terms of footwear, this Fashionisto’s Nike sneakers provide contrast with the water foul and Labrador print, which makes this outfit all the more stylish.

One Simple Change: Swap out the sneakers for a pair of brogue shoes before grabbing a bagel and lox brunch at Emory Point for a quick brunch.