WHAT TO WEAR: Less Is More

Today, I bumped into this Fashionisto, a senior multimedia journalism student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. He was spotted at a corner store by campus looking so effortlessly fly. He is an intern and social media advisor for RESPECT. Magazine, a hip-hop and fashion magazine.

This Fashionisto was wearing a plain white T-shirt by JoeFreshGoods that read “GANG” underneath a thrifted army fatigue jacket, stacked on black denim, with a smooth pair of Jordan Oreo 4s. To accentuate his outfit, he also had on a gold chain and a black beanie. Upon asking him where he was headed, he informed me that he was “just chilling” and that he had really just thrown on the slight outfit. He also informed me that he receives inspiration from ASAP Bari, Dom Kennedy, and JoeFreshGoods.

What I loved most about this Fashionisto’s outfit was that is was so silent but still so loud. By this, I mean that his style was so low key that it was eye-catching. He wasn’t doing too much; he wasn’t doing too little. His outfit was such an example for the saying “less is more.” This factor alone stood out to me so much because it really takes having style to know how to make simple things look complex.

This look definitely works for the occasion of “just chilling,” even in your day-to-day life. Also guys, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to achieve the “less is more” look, then you could definitely take pointers here.