WHAT TO WEAR: Leaves and Layers

December 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

As the leaves are changing this fall season, so should your style. Fall is the perfect transition time to play with different layers in preparation for winter. The most beautiful thing about layers is their versatility. Whether you are rocking multiple long sleeves, or have chosen to use an outer layer as an added accessory, you will be prepared for whatever weather this fall season throws at you.

This Fashionista exhibits the epitome of fall fashion! Layers, boots and a flannel, this Fashionista has got it all! On top, you can see a simple and clean white short sleeved shirt, paired with a classic black faux leather jacket and a flannel tied at the waist to finish off the look. This is a perfectly practical outfit for a season where the weather is constantly fluctuating. While the flannel adds a dash of color and makes for a great accessory, it is also very handy for some added warmth in case of a sudden cold spell.

On the bottom, he has chosen to pair a classic straight-legged dark denim with a neutral boot and fall themed socks. The dark denim is the ideal way to go when shooting for an outfit with natural cool tones. While a nice pair of denim is essential to almost every outfit, a nice pair of boots is crucial this fall season; not only do they keep you warm, but they are a fashion statement no one can resist. These nice pair of Nike boots add a beautiful warm tone to this virtually cool toned outfit. As a result, it ties the outfit together, all while adding a subtle pop of color. As an added bonus, to this already astonishing outfit, he chose to throw on a pair of fun autumn inspired socks. After all, what is the fall season without a pair of fuzzy socks?

No matter where you find yourself this fall season, remember layers are the perfect essential for keeping you cozy and fashionable!