WHAT TO WEAR: Layers On Layers

Honesty hour, when the temperatures drop, so does the motivation to actually bundle up and go outside. Winters in the Midwest get brutal especially around this time, which makes it essential to throw on layers. Layering applies not only to jackets and sweaters, but rather, it’s a blanket term for accessories like necklaces, rings, and earrings. This Fashionista perfectly depicts just how to style a look that can withstand a typical winter day simply by pairing her favorite staple pieces with her go-to jewelry and handbag.

One of the easiest ways to make layering clothes more exciting and stylish, is to have a patterned blouse peak through enough to be seen under a jacket. Plaids and stripes are perfect for this type of outfit because they don’t take away from your outerwear and if you have something similar to this Fashionista’s awesome military jacket then you’re definitely going to want to show that off! More often than not, a staple jacket ties an entire winter outfit together and really comes in clutch when it’s cold outside.

In addition to layering clothes to keep warm, it’s also important to not forget about one of my favorite things—shoes. Since it is still the winter season, fur-lined booties ensure that you’ll get to stay warm and comfortable throughout your day. Plus, wearing boot socks that are taller than the booties add extra warmth and help the shoes stand out more.

Now when it comes to stacking accessories, using subtle pieces keeps you from going overboard. This Fashionista wore her rings in such a way that it honestly compliments her Kate Spade purse. Even though she’s wearing a bunch of them, they aren’t overwhelming. The same goes for her necklaces. Stacking a plain choker with another necklace is a trend that I am a true advocator for. I was in love with how she chose to wear both black and gold. When in doubt, choose the choker because you can never go wrong with a simple one!

All in all, layering staple pieces and accessories goes a long way in the winter. You’re able to show off your own personal style through how you decide to stack your accessories and the rest of the outfit speaks for itself. Having fun with trying different combinations is the best part about layering and who knows, you might discover a new go-to look!