WHAT TO WEAR: Ladies Who Lunch

Food and friends: one of the best combinations for any college student. As our schedules become more and more diverse and planning visits with friends becomes more and more difficult as time goes on, why not kill two birds with one stone? Everybody’s got to eat! Planning a meal with friends can be an easy and convenient way to catch up with others while also treating yourself to some great food. Like any Fashionista/o, we like to look fabulous no matter the occasion, whether we are grabbing some fries at McDonald’s or enjoying a four-course meal at a five star restaurant.

With the passing of each meal, the standard for dress typically increases throughout the day. Breakfast is often more laid-back, dinner is more formal and lunch is somewhere in between. When dressing for a lunch date with friends, there are a few key pieces that will be sure to look great every time.

To start, there is the classic closet staple that every girl and guy has a plethora of—the T-shirt. To start your lunch date look, it is best to keep it simple and comfortable, making the plain white T-shirt everybody’s go-to option. It is also easy to chuck on in a hurry, which is a blessing for any college student.

Layering is key for almost any outfit, especially if you are going in and out of houses, cars and restaurants. A chunky cardigan is both light and easy to put on and take off between every temperature switch you encounter. They also help hide any “food babies” that arise with your meal!

For bottoms, it is still best to stick to basics, like your favorite pair of jeans for a more casual look, or, a black pencil skirt if you want to dress things up a bit. The formfitting silhouette of the pencil skirt will help balance out the heavy-ness of anything you layer on top, such as your cardigan or sweater.

For shoes and accessories, grab some of your favorite staple pieces—a pair of black booties, some statement sunnies and a cross body bag all help to complete your look while still maintaining comfort.

This look is perfect for any Fashionista/o who wants to look rad while on the go, without compromising comfort. Like most outfits, basics are the foundation and layers and accessories are the decoration. No matter where you are going, basics like a simple T-shirt, a cardigan and a pencil skirt can be modified to each person’s individual style and work great for a variety of occasions.