WHAT TO WEAR: Knitty Gritty

October 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

I blinked and it got cold. Seriously. But not cold cold, just cold. Like 40 degrees in the morning and 70 by the afternoon it’s cold. I’m pretty sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say this. You wear your favorite sweater just to die of heat exhaustion by the afternoon. You wear your favorite sundress to prepare for the afternoon but don’t make it to then because you’ve turned into an icicle that morning. So how does one dress for this type of weather? That’s the real question. I made it my mission, my quest, my odyssey to find the “proper” way to dress for this weather.

When I came across this Fashionista, I found what she was wearing to be very appropriate for the quickly changing weather. Her gray sweater is from H&M, her undershirt is from Zara, her jeans are Levi’s, her shoes are the adidas Superstars and her rings were passed down from her mom and grandmother. The knit gray sweater and undershirt are perfect pairs for the chilly mornings, but still comfortable enough to wear when the temperature rises by the afternoon. Tennis shoes are something that can be worn in all seasons so if you’re ever unsure about what shoes to wear during weather like this, cool sneakers are always the way to go.

Something that I am personally fond of is the versatility of this outfit. You could easily switch out the jeans for a skirt or the sweater for a cardigan. This can also still be worn as the weather cools down more. This is also a perfect jumping in the leaves or pumpkin picking outfit too. Stay spooky, friends!