WHAT TO WEAR: Keeping up With Winter

Winter is my absolute favorite season! I always seem to style the trendiest outfits in the winter. I have learned that living in Mississippi is a ride on a climate rollercoaster. We might end up wearing high-waisted shorts and a tank top one day then a trench coat and boots the next. Picking an outfit for the day is always up in the air in my neck of the woods.

Right about now, the weather is not too hot, not too cold, but just perfect enough to dress for the fair weather with a winter flare. I found that the most fashionable outfits are formed out of simplicity, and it is all about how you make that outfit pop. On a bitter, cold day, I believe that one can still spice up an outfit by throwing on the right scarf or beanie with a puffball. Since the weather here in Mississippi is on the warmer side with a crisp wind, this Fashionista’s outfit is ideal.

In this look, she chose to wear some winter essentials that worked with the temperature of the day. From head to toe, she paired a distressed pair of blue jeans with a black tank top, and she topped it off with a long tan cardigan, which dressed the look down for the daytime. Her black thigh-high boots added that winter touch. As for the accessories, her simple black choker, gold hoop earrings, and a gold watch finished the look.

This outfit shows that no matter what altitude you reach on the climate rollercoaster, keeping it simple and classic will always win them over.