WHAT TO WEAR: Jumping for Jumpsuits

WHAT TO WEAR: Jumping for Jumpsuits

Have you heard? The sun is shining! UCLA is notorious for its slippery tiles across campus, so these last couple of rainy months have gotten everyone in a bit of a scramble. But fear no more, L.A. has officially returned to sunny California.

Now that winter is over, what better way to jump into spring than with a jumpsuit? Spring is all about being fun and playful, so play around with your closet using different colors, textures, and signature pieces! This Fashionista used her outfit to show off her personality, making a statement to everyone in her class without saying a word.

The outfit here is an easy, go-to combination. Having a jumpsuit in your wardrobe is great for days when you don’t have the time or the energy to match your clothes. Just because this is a one piece doesn’t mean it is inferior in style. In fact, this Fashionista’s choice of a solid, bright color makes her stand out from the crowd while the ruffles at the top add a subtle layer of detailing. A jumpsuit is perfect for L.A.’s hot-by-day, cold-by-night weather. This Fashionista can rock the off-shoulder summer look for class and throw on a light jacket after sunset for a different look.

Since the main feature of this ensemble is so simple, it becomes essential to spice things up with accessories. Here, our Fashionista highlighted her low neckline with a seashell necklace, hinting at her love for the ocean and foreshadowing the days spring break and summer will bring. The flowy, elegance of her jumpsuit is contrasted by a faux alligator skin purse. The purse plays with this outfit’s textures, adding a new dimension to capture an observer’s eyes.

Finally, this Fashionista finishes her look with flawless makeup. She touches up her eyebrows every day and decided on a light, neutral eyeshadow for the daytime. Neutral shades like the ones from Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette ($54) or the cheaper option, Naked Basics ($29), are hard to go wrong. Rather than always relying on eyeliner, try a more volumizing mascara to open up your eyes.

So if you don’t have one yet, go and get yourself a handy jumpsuit. They’re perfect for a casual day of classes or amp things up with accessories and a jacket for that hot date!