WHAT TO WEAR: Job Interview

The most stylish Fashionista knows how to keep it chic yet classy. The fall season is the perfect time to reach for a pencil skirt and pair it with a super comfortable sleeveless blouse with heels. This Fashionista’s job interview outfit is the perfect recipe for success.

This Fashionista stays stylish on a budget. Her striped pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe has the perfect amount of detailing to make her stand out, yet still be professional enough for a job interview. Her lace top from Forever 21 makes her look perfectly ethereal and angelic. It adds a flawless dose of neutral tones to her outfit.

What I love the most about her outfit are her Steve Madden chunky cognac heels. I love them because they’re unpredictable with her outfit. It would have been so easy for her to reach for a black or white pair of heels to match the color scheme of her outfit, but the brown shade adds an extra flare to this elegant ensemble. Don’t always feel like you need to play it safe with your shoes. A contrasting shoe color can help your outfit come together more than you may think. Shoes that are brown, black, white or gray are always the best choices for job interviews or anything of a professional nature.

This Fashionista’s bright red MAC lipstick is not to be overlooked. It adds a pop of color to her look. Red lipstick is the epitome of timeless class. A red lip can easily bring you from drab to fab, but this Fashionista is anything but drab. This Fashionista treats the campus like it’s her runway and you should too.