WHAT TO WEAR: Jewel Tones for Winter

Walking around campus in nearly 20-some degree weather can put some challenges on dressing in style.  Most people during this time of year are bundled up in their heaviest coats and scarves preparing for what feel like the next ice age, but I was able to stumble across a well dressed fellow peer. Joe exemplifies the definition of winter fashion.

Joe’s attention to detail is what brings his look from basic to fashionable.  His dark wash jeans are extremely flattering and match perfectly with his Polo lace up shoes.  The rolled cuff in his jeans helps accentuate his shoes and show the height that his shoes carry.  The lighter color on his shoes also pair nice with his jeans because the colors contrast one another.

His tri-colored Burton winter coat pairs prefect with his dark jeans as well as his green t-shirt underneath. The muted jewel colors give a little brightens to his whole aesthetic and makes his outfit stand out. The shade of brown on his jacket matches his shoes create an even more cohesive look.  His entire outfit actually has the same jewel color scheme which brings the look all together.  As for the shape of the coat, it is pretty heavy which contrast with his slim fit jeans, creating a flattering shape.

Another detail that deserves some recognizing is his socks. First of all, the colors on his socks match perfectly to his jacket and shirt and secondly they are cover with sushi rolls. Who doesn’t love sushi?  These socks are a fun touch to his whole ensemble.