WHAT TO WEAR: Jeans Galore

This hot summer, while staying at home and enjoying vacation, I saw thousands of people wearing shorts. I often found that the women wore jean shorts with a fancy top. The great thing about jeans is that they go with absolutely any top. Every pair of jeans seems to be different in some way. Jeans come in all colors and styles. Some jeans are bell bottom, skinny, flair, lightly colored, darkly colored or any color of the rainbow. My favorite pair of jeans are ones that are black covered in sequins.

As the fall weather in New England begins, I keep finding everyone wearing jeans. In a world full of jeans, I therefore knew the perfect topic for my first article. Anyone can wear denim jeans; it’s the accessories that make all the difference.

I found the perfect Fashionista who was wearing a jean jacket and jeans! Her denim jacket is a light blue with two large pockets and ties that are like thick laces. The snaps and zippers on the jacket add a little extra flair. Her light wash skinny jeans with rips at the knees go perfectly with her brown frilly boots. Her little earrings show the simplicity but uniqueness of her clothing choice. It was an interesting choice to wear a lightly colored shirt under her jean jacket, as a darker color would make the jacket stand out a lot more.

I really like that this Fashionista chose to use two denims together. This makes her match up with jeans more unique and eye catching. I like her little boots because they add more color to her outfit and dress it up the perfect amount to still be simple but stand out.