WHAT TO WEAR: It’s All About Versatility

This Fashionista’s style rocks a nifty outfit that’s versatile for both daytime fall activities and late night outings. Her comfy style is a perfect way to keep cozy during the chilly fall weather, while still remaining cute and stylish.

“I always want to be comfortable while still looking put together. That’s a huge thing that I consider when picking out my outfits.”

Not only can this outfit keep all you Fashionistas looking put together for a long day of classes or running around doing errands, but it’s also perfect to wear when going apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch or participating in other fall festivities during the daytime. As the day comes to an end, this outfit additionally has the ability to rock the streets for a night out. This Fashionista uses this go-to outfit as a solid choice for a casual date night where she can dress to impress while still feeling confident in a comfy attire.

In addition to date nights, this Fashionista wears her cozy flannel, boyfriend jeans and leather booties when going out for drinks with the girls, grabbing dinner with friends or seeing a late night movie. That’s what’s so perfect about this look; its versatility. It can be thrown together last minute before running out the door, or detailed and dressed up for going out on the town. Either way, it’s an outfit perfect for any occasion that can last all day long.

What pulls this Fashionista’s look together is her hair and makeup choices. Her loose, wavy curls create a messy texture that looks effortless but is a happy medium for a casual and fun hairstyle that won’t ruin as the day goes on. Additionally, this Fashionista informed me that her hair color was particularly chosen for the fall season to mimic fall tones of red and orange and was inspired by pumpkin spice. Talk about dedication to the season.

In addition to her hair, this Fashionista applies her typical daytime makeup with a smokier eye and a darker eyeliner to take her everyday glam up a notch. Her eyeshadow, from Too Faced’s natural matte palette, makes it easy to exaggerate her usual routine to make her eyes pop and last from day to night. To finish the look, she uses Tarte’s “Goals” lip gloss that creates a perfect nude lip in the daytime, but when paired with a dark lip liner underneath, her new darker lip color makes a statement for evening wear.

So when you’re picking out your next fall outfit, remember to stay comfy for any occasion and choose pieces that’ll convert from a cozy daytime look to a fashionable evening outfit with ease. From classes to nightlife activities, versatility is key.