WHAT TO WEAR: It’s All About the Two C’s

As the temperature drops, so does our motivation to go to the recreation center, but with classes like yoga, pilates, barre and spinning, there is so much for us to gain from continuing to make the trek to the gym. Although, the struggle isn’t just in making the journey, it is also in finding the perfect ensemble because even at the gym we need to look like a Fashionista. There are two key elements we must all keep in mind when preparing our outfit—comfort and convenience. The two C’s might not seem to go hand in hand with fashion but as we can see from this week’s Fashionista, they totally do.

Comfort is important for evident reasons. When moving through chaturanga, you don’t want to be worrying about constantly adjusting your yoga pants. This Fashionista understood the importance of comfort and invested in a pair of alo leggings. The company strives on making “pieces that work from studio to street,” which is exactly what our next C is all about.

When it comes to workout attire, convenience to me means making your look wearable—basically being able to go to class and then right to the gym after without having to make a stop at home to change. To accomplish this, you can introduce one of your staple pieces paired with a more common movement piece. She achieved this by introducing a stylish muted pull over that pairs perfectly with her vibrant leggings. Once you are able to produce a look that encompasses these two elements, then you are good to go. Implementing these techniques into your workout looks will take you far, so get styling!