WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Most college students are in desperate need of their own money and it is no doubt that a part-time job is necessary for students to make a little extra cash. However, one must always remember to take every interview, part- or full-time, seriously and stylishly. What you wear to an interview describes the kind of person you are to your potential employer. Before you even open your mouth, the interviewer will notice your attire immediately after you walk in to the interview.

This Fashionista rocks her interview style that is perfect for spring or summer. Her flowy maroon sleeveless dress falls right above her knees and clings to her favorably, showing off her silhouette stylishly and professionally. Yes, I said sleeveless! This is not the ultimate deterrent for some jobs. In some cases, depending on what position and whom you are applying for, this will not always be a deal breaker. In addition, the dress contains a black, white and orange tribal pattern detail on the sides, which adds character, uniqueness and symmetry.

The Fashionista’s chocolate brown suede flats include a feminine bow detail and balance the short length of the dress to keep her look business professional but also fashionable. She keeps her hair and makeup minimal to present a natural look for her future employers to look at while also adding a pair of chunky black sunglasses as the perfect accessory.

One Simple Change: If your nail the interview and get a paid internship after college, throw on a black blazer and a pair of nude-colored heels for a clean-cut and more professional look.