WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

April 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you are currently a college senior and graduating this semester, then the interview process has either already begun or will be beginning shortly. Interviews can be stressful; you want to put your best self forward and really show the employer what you can offer. Supposedly, an interviewer makes the decision within the first five seconds of meeting you. This means that what you wear is crucialYou want to look professional and polished as well as show a little of your personality. I find that the second part is especially important for fashion interviews.

This Fashionista teaches us the right way to dress for any interview. She not only looks professional, but is very fashion-forward as well! She is wearing a navy blue pencil skirt with a matching jacket. What I like about this jacket is it is not a blazer so her outfit is not as traditional as wearing just a suit. The jacket gives the look a little more edge while still being sophisticated. Underneath the jacket, she sports a sheer mint green top. This adds some color and brightens up her look. To continue with the sophisticated idea, this Fashionista adds a pearl necklace and some classic black heels. Of course, you cannot forget a watch. You do not want to be late to your interview!

The key to pulling off the perfect outfit for an interview is balance. You want to balance looking professional as well as being yourself. One way to get creative with your elegant look is with color like this Fashionista did. So take some advice from this Fashionista and go rock those interviews!

One Simple Change: Are you fitting the interview in-between classes and don’t have a lot of time to change? No problem! Swap out the pencil skirt for some wide leg jeans and throw on some strappy sandals for a more relaxed look.