WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

If you have a pulse and are 18 or over, I am going to bet you are in the process of finding a summer job. From January to May, us college students are in a world of nothing but resumes, cover letters and refreshing our emails. When we finally get a callback (holla!), the longstanding question remains—What am I going to wear?

The key to a successful job interview is finding the happy medium between professionalism and individualism. The best way to accomplish this is working those basics and adding subtle hints of flair with your accessories. This Fashionista masters those steps perfectly.

First and foremost, you want to be professional. You are asking someone to hire you and if you show up looking like you just rolled out of bed, trust me, someone will notice. This Fashionista masters the boss lady look with the basics. She pairs a black mini skirt with a crisp white long sleeve T-shirt. With the right fit, your basics can make a bold statement. Though this does not usually come up, fashion plays an important role in business. Displaying a confident appearance shows that you care how others view you and, more importantly, how you view yourself.

A big mistake I see in interview wear is that the outfits are void of personality. The entire point of an interview (especially in the fashion industry) is for your interviewer to get to know you! This is someone that they are going to be working with closely and nobody likes a bore. This Fashionista displays her personality in a clever but subtle way—perfect for an interview. She utilizes her statement necklace. Statement necklaces are the go-to accessory for job interviews. The fun patterns say a thousand words ultimately working to your advantage. Who knows? it may even end up being a talking point!

One Simple Change: Meeting the parents? Swap the shirt/skirt combination for a classic LBD and you are going to rock it, sister.