WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

April 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

As college students, a huge part of our everyday lives is thinking about what is coming up next. Whether it is our next class, our next move or our next interview, we always strive to look our best. Interviews are arguably one of the most important things we will partake in during our college career, and our first impressions during them are major. You want to seem professional and put together while being completely yourself. This Fashionista does so perfectly.

A boring all-black interview ensemble will not help you stand out from the crowd. This Fashionista completely shied away from that idea, and instead went for bold and bright so her personality would completely shine through. The first step in doing so was selecting a hot pink chiffon blouse. The color is bold and flattering, and goes great with her light complexion and long blonde hair. The shirt has the perfect amount of flounce, tucking perfectly into her pants.

The statement piece of this outfit is the Fashionista’s black and white polka-dot pants. The pants are a silky material, and the cropped, pleated cut makes them perfect for business casual. The slight crop allows them to be perfect for springtime weather, and look great with her simple, black flats. Not only does this Fashionista look interview ready, but she looks comfortable as well.

Simple detailing make this outfit a little more personal, and the Fashionista’s gold bracelets put the finishing touch on such a business-savvy ensemble.

One Simple Change: Switch out the black flats for nude pumps to take this from interview attire to a fancy day at your internship!