WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

April 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

You are trying to land an amazing internship for the summer. You have done all of the research you possibly could on the company. Your resume is completed and is one which is going to stand out amongst the hundreds or even thousands of other resumes. You seem to have everything under control, and you are ready for your interview. But one problem is that you have no clue what to wear. A first impression is the most important aspect of an interview. As you walk through the doors of the office where your interview is being held, the first thing the employer will notice is how you are presenting yourself.

So what is a girl to wear to an interview? Well, no matter what the internship may be, you need to look professional. Looking professional does not mean the same thing as dressing in all solid colors such as black, gray or white. Have fun with it! You want to look professional but also show your personal style. You can either wear dress pants or a skirt, whichever you feel more comfortable wearing. Make sure that your skirt is an appropriate length. If you choose a pencil skirt, it should be about knee-length. This could be paired with just a blouse or a blouse and a blazer. Depending on the internship that you are interviewing for, shorter skirts and different attire may be appropriate. If you are at an interview for an internship in the fashion industry, it is important to show off your style which may mean wearing a shorter skirt and an oversized sweater with a ton of jewelry.

This Fashionista chose to stick with a solid shirt and solid dress pants. She stuck with the professional look. She may be interviewing for a medical internship, for example. In order to make an outfit more fun, add accessories just as this Fashionista did. Although she chose to wear solid pants and shirt, she added a necklace, a ring and bracelets to make the outfit a little less stuffy.

One Simple Change: If you are going out for a celebration of some sort, keep the blouse and jewelry on. You could add a mini skirt and flats or pumps to give off a fun and flirty vibe.