WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Interviewing is stressful. Whether it’s for an internship, a summer job or a full-time position, making a good first impression is crucial. Those first 30 seconds can make or break your interview. Not only do you need to be personable, outgoing and qualified, but you need to stand out to be remembered. The best way to make a great impression before you even open your mouth is with a great outfit. Take this Fashionista for example, whose outfit captures attention in all the right ways.

Her H&M blazer is the obvious statement piece that is sure to set her apart from any potential competition. The sparkling white screams fresh, young and ambitious. Zipper detailing adds some personality to the look, but is used in moderation as to not be tacky. The best part of the blazer is the contrasting black piping. This emphasizes the jacket’s clean lines and creates a minimalist look that is great to have in any interview. Paired with classic black dress pants and black pumps, this Fashionista’s ensemble shows her professionalism without being boring. To complete her look, this stylish student adds a layered necklace that peaks through the blazer just enough. These details are what a possible employer will remember about you, because they are the things that set you apart and give clues to your preferences and personality. Who knew attention to detail could have such a huge payoff?

To snag your dream internship or job, use today’s Fashionista for inspiration. You want to stay conservative, but add small details that can tell someone who you are. The best way to make a great first impression is with a great blazer or jacket. This lace one from Macy’s is perfect for the girly girl. The detailing is delicate and would pair well with a conservative dress. This black blazer from Bloomingdale’s is for the girl with an edge. Leather trim is a bold detail that will show ambition and that you are serious about the position. For the preppy girl, there’s a double-breasted blazer. The cropped style of this one from Topshop will give you a trendy update on the classic style. Pair it with high-waisted bottoms for a look that shows you are hardworking and can contribute fresh ideas. Don’t worry boho babes—this blazer from Forever 21 is for you. A relaxed fit will match your chill attitude and show that you work great with others and are up for any challenge!

One Simple Change: After nailing your interview, you probably want to celebrate with your girls, right? Switch out the black dress pants for a pair of fitted jeans. They will dress down your blazer, but still give you that put together look that will let everyone know you have the world in the palm of your hand.