WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Spring has sprung, bringing March to a close. Since August, everyone has said that graduation is just around the corner. I shake my head, annoyed at how they are brushing off my senior year of college. Now, nearly a month away, graduation is actually just around the corner. How is this even possible? In the midst of cap and gown measurements, we are all beginning to find ourselves at job interviews. This Fashionista has mastered the “cute but professional” look like no other.

From the high-waisted pants to the detail in that cardigan, she has pulled together several pieces in a very successful way. Her busy cardigan is balanced out with the solid pants. I really love the flare of these pants. You know the typical plain black “work” pants? These are not them. They keep the minimal look but add enough flare to show that this Fashionista knows how to dress. With a patterned top, throwing your hair up in a bun is a great way to show off the details. A chic topknot gives a classy, timeless feel to this outfit!

Take some advice from this Fashionista, and you are guaranteed to rock that interview. Whether you are looking for a job or internship, this style will complement your skills in any profession.

One Simple Change: So it’s your day off and you have a girl’s night out. Switch out the high-waisted pants for your favorite jeans. This gives you the perfect casual look for a fun setting!