WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

A major way to score your dream internship or job is to have a killer interview. One of the first things interviewers notice is how put together you are. A clean and sharp professional ensemble will signal recruiters that you are capable and serious about the position. This Fashionista modeled a perfect interview look to showcase her professionalism as well as her talents.

Stylish does not have to mean simple or boring. Nor does it have to be wild and colorful. This Fashionista tastefully blends professional and creative attire with the help of a blazer and a fun necklace. The nude blouse allows the chunky necklace to stand out and add color to the ensemble. The black ruffled blazer is professional without being too serious, letting the Fashionista inject some of her personality into the outfit. One of the main focal points is the pant with a nice tapered ankle and slim fit. The small insignia pattern lends interest to the outfit without overpowering her. To carry resumes and business cards, opt for a large neutral tote to keep papers from becoming crumpled or lost. Finally, a neutral heel is a perfect way to tie it all together. The black wedge balances out the look while also improving posture for a more powerful stance.

Try this look in your next interview, and you will notice the difference in the results. Make a solid first impression with a stylish outfit. Good luck!

One Simple Change: Once you have scored the position, switch up the blouse for the job or internship. Feel free to mix prints, or try the outfit with a neutral bottom.