WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

We all have heard things along these lines from our professors: “A college student that is not only exceptional in the classroom but can apply themselves in the external world is bound to land a job.” Sounds stressful, right? Although pursuing internships and going on job interviews can seem frightening and time consuming, every college student must go through them at some point or another to make a college experience seem, well, useful. Spring is the perfect time to start the hunt for summer internships and jobs; it’s time to step up your academic and fashion game Fashionista/os! Being professionally and fashionably put together is bound to make the entire internship and job searching experience enjoyable, easy and worth your while!

The city of Chicago is always bustling with people dressed to the nines. Having classes downtown makes my Fashionista/o search that much easier, as the center of the city is packed with businesses. As I was on my way to an interview, I spotted this Fashionisto acing the look of formal attire on his way to an interview, too. From head to toe, his outfit screams, “Occupational world, I’m ready for you!” Most noticeable is his tailored suit jacket in the ever so classic black, which is effortlessly color coded with a sleek, black tie and black business shoes. This suit jacket is specifically great for the business guy, as it elongates the upper body and midsection. To add a slight twist on things, he balanced the black pieces with a pair of gray business slacks that hit right above the ankle to show off his shoes. His matte black sunglasses also add a nice, college student worthy vibe to his outfit to block out the sun while walking to his interviews.

One Simple Change: Coming from interviews and don’t want to wear a suit jacket to the rest of your classes? Pack a light cardigan sweater in your backpack to throw on, and you’ll be set!