WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

When applying for either an internship or a potential career, ultimately you are required to partake in one of the first major application steps—interviewing for the position. First impressions are extremely important and why not woo them with your appearance? That is where the quote “dress to impress” comes into play. Whether you’re graduating this May or on the verge of building that perfect resume, the steps to success are nailing that interview.

Choosing an outfit for an interview can be challenging, but this Fashionisto shows that the perfect fit for a professional ensemble is the least bit of his worries. Everyone knows appropriate but dapper is the way to go. Here, this Fashionisto wears the typical go-to blazer and tie when trying to obtain the businesslike attire.

Although his blazer and tie are a crowd favorite, they simply cannot go wrong. Furthermore it’s all about the color and pattern coordination pairing of the two. Every man must have a pair of khaki pants in their closet but the best part is khakis can be worn by females too. There are so many different styles they can be worn as that separate them from just boring, old dress pants. Pairing with the pants he added a brown belt that goes well with the sandy-colored pants and matches with his shoes. The great thing about ties is that they come in all sorts of colors and patterns as well. No two ties are alike. Adding that small ounce of color and pattern really makes the outfit pop. Pulling the professional look together is a pair of loafer shoes. Loafers are not only an essential in every man’s wardrobe but they are also extremely comfortable. This Fashionisto is clearly the maestro when it comes to nailing that first impression flawlessly at any interview.

Confidence is a virtue. Walking into any situation knowing you are looking your best helps relieve some of that stress. When getting dressed, check yourself out in the mirror, take a deep breath and show that company what you have to offer (besides great fashion sense).

One Simple Change: After your interview you might as well head out for the night since you’re already looking quite dashing. If you have a date with someone special, exchange that tie and blazer with a trench coat and scarf. Then you’re set for a night out, looking comfortable but still stylish.