WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

I have a dirty little secret of mine to share: I despise most business attire. From dark trousers to shapeless and stiff blouses, I’m tired of that boring mess. Sure, some people can rock a classy business look on a daily basis and still look smashing, but I am not one of those lucky individuals.

This hatred for business wear (that I’m sure is shared by others) becomes most apparent during that already nerve-wracking step: the interview. I think many of us have experienced the temporary crisis of getting an interview but realizing that we are unprepared in terms of what to wear. Our minds will often automatically think of those tacky staple looks featured in the misses section of every department store. Not to rip on on this section entirely, of course. It does occasionally offer something suitable for a formal event (and I’m stressing the world occasionally here.)

Here’s something business folks will neglect to tell you, though: you can still have fun with what you wear to an interview, especially if it shows off your personality. Take this Fashionista for example. Instead of opting for, say, a pencil skirt and a simple button-down, she chose to brighten up her look by wearing a colorful maxi dress. Dresses like this one are perfect for an interview because they’re formal enough to be appropriate for the situation. They are also probably more adorable than whatever the other candidates are going to wear. The heels paired with this dress are also sensible but offer another layer of personality. The funky bracelets, meanwhile, added some needed texture. Just add a cardigan or a light jacket to this look, like this Fashionista chose to do before her interview, and you’re ready to impress your future boss.

One Simple Change: Got a date night after your interview? Just switch out the cardigan or light leather jacket for something. You’ll be sure to make a statement.