WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

First impressions are everything in the working world, and an internship interview is no different. Not only do you need to have a stellar aura that can ooze confidence and charisma, but also an outfit that makes a statement, as well. I mean, this may be the job that’s leading you into your career path or, at the very least, opening up doors for you. That’s why figuring out the perfect ensemble for an interview is so detrimental! On one hand, you’re trying to go for a sophistication and business-savvy appearance for others to take you seriously when you walk in. But on the other side of the same coin, you need to stand out among the rest of the interview pool. I can see how it can be a dilemma for so many people and why, the morning of, you wake up dreading going into your closet. My solution: allow this Fashionisto to take the lead in showing you how to truly knock down doors for a first impression at your potential internship!

Not letting the cold winds and piles of snow get to him, this Fashionisto manages to stay warm and bundled with his H&M peacoat. Originally donned by members of the European Navy to combat the blistering cold seas, it’s no wonder why the peacoat is such a go-to statement piece, being  both vintage and warm. Layered underneath, in everything J.Crew, is a white collared shirt and black tie. This Fashionisto keeps warm in his sweater, combating the cold Connecticut weather, as he heads straight from class to his interview. This Fashionisto finishes off his outfit with a fitted navy blue pants, which creates a personal touch to a classic look. Lastly, he rocks a pair of black Cole Haan dress shoes. If looks were deadly, these shoes sure could kill!

This Fashionisto pulled together a perfect interview outfit that is sure to land him an internship. While his look still remains classic with a touch of vintage, it is sleek and has a freshness to it. This Fashionisto doesn’t just look internship ready, but looks like a future employer in the making, as well.

One Simple Change: Date night at a restaurant with the girl of your dreams? Try going for a less formal approach and ditch the tie. You’ll still look like a guy who means business, but with a more casual approach.