WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

College is the time you find out the interview you had for your hostess job back in high school will not be the same as your college summer internship interview. An outfit can truly make or break you at an interview. Even if you think the company is more laid back, never be underdressed. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” is the single best piece of advice next to all of Dr. Seuss’s life changing quotes.

It can be tricky when deciding what to wear to an interview because you want to show off the fashionable human being you are rather than wearing “that” matching pantsuit. So you must find the perfect balance between your chic self and Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty.

This Fashionista was an absolute pro at what to wear to an interview. Not only did she look professional and suitable for the job, but she also allowed herself to express her style in subtle ways that made this outfit go from drab to fab. It is important to note that she not only had killer confidence, but she was also comfortable, which helped her in the interview. She was able to avoid sitting in the chair awkwardly due to tight and uncomfortable clothing.

Her charcoal gray sweater paired with a pair of black trousers was the foundation of this outfit. For the shoes, she opted for a pair of suede kitten heels, which are cute yet manageable to walk in. For her accessories, she kept it simple, wearing a statement necklace that had neutral colors with just a pop of a soft blue and periwinkle. By throwing on a green jacket nicely accentuated with gold buttons and her Longchamp tote, she was both poised as well stylish walking into the interview.

Use this Fashionista as an inspiration the next time you’re stuck on what to wear for that job interview, just in case crossing your fingers isn’t enough. This look says you’re here to get the job done while being trendy and stylish!

One Simple Change: You nailed the interview and want to go out with the girls. Swap the trousers for a midi skirt and you’re set for a girl’s night out!