WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

March 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

The truth about fashion is that as the seasons come and go, so do the desirable items at the same time. There are certain occasions that you always need to be prepared for as a college student despite the weather. Most college students have chosen their career path and are on track to success. Interviews for Graduate school and job positions are inevitable and you have to dress the part.

This Fashionisto does a great job on showcasing what interview attire should look like. The main focus to start with is a nicely cut gray suit. A suit is basic yet very necessary in a man’s wardrobe. He chose a sharp, formal suit from Pronto Uomo to pair with a light blue checkered dress shirt. Formal attire usually calls for solid and conservative colors but patterns are acceptable for more casual situations. One thing that looks effortlessly stylish on pretty much everyone is a nice crisp, fitted dress shirt. The blue shirt he chose is not too bright or flashy and works extremely well with the rest of the outfit’s dark hues. His navy tie coordinates with the shirt’s color scheme and has a simple texture.

One stand out part of the outfit of course are the shoes. A quality, polished pair of shoes will show that you take pride in your appearance. A simple pair of brown, lace-up oxford shoes are all you need to succeed. This Fashionisto decided to match the shoes with a belt. Subtle details like this can really add to your overall look. This look couldn’t be complete without the important timepiece. He sports a Michael Kors black face, leather strap watch in order to keep track of time for his interview.

One Simple Change: Not getting ready for an interview? You can easily just leave the blazer behind and head out to a restaurant with your family or friends to celebrate a special occasion.