WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

In preparing for an interview, I find that the easy part is figuring out how to articulate myself with confidence, but the hard part then becomes: what am I going to wear to present myself in the best possible way?

I always want to dress to impress, but it seems that there has long been this idea that professional attire solely means being dressed in drab, dark colors or business suits. When going to an interview, you always want to look professional and polished, but additionally, I find it important to allow a bit of your personality to shine through.

The best way I find to add a bit of flair to your outfit for an interview is through accessories. When I first saw this Fashionista, her butterfly print pumps immediately caught my eye. By wearing a classic pump with a design, instead of a standard solid color, you can add some pizzazz to the standard interview attire while still being sophisticated. Additionally, because the main color of the shoe is black (a neutral tone versus a brighter color), it allows the pattern to still stand out without being too distracting to an interviewer.

The Fashionista also wears her Michael Kors Hamilton satchel which is the perfect versatile bag to take you from day to night, as it blends style and sensibility seamlessly. When it comes to her dress, I loved how the pleated detailing at the shoulder added the perfect twist to the classic sheath dress, proving that being professional and stylish are not mutually exclusive.

One Simple Change: Want to go straight from an interview to a night out? With a patterned pump like this, you can easily transition from standing out in an interview to standing out in a night on the town. Just change from your work dress to a little black dress and you’ll be ready to take on whatever the night may bring.