WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Although we all secretly wish we could be college freshmans forever, senior year seems to hit us right in the face before we even know it; and with senior year comes a truck-load of responsibilities that prepare us to conquer the “real world”. One of those dreadful tasks is the oh-so-feared job interview. Since attending business-like activities is something we really can’t avoid, then might as well make the best out of dressing for them. That’s exactly what my second New York City find decided to do.

This week’s Fashionisto put together a look that really portrayed his superb attention to detail and great sense of style. When in the corporate world, many times guys will find themselves stuck with black suits and plane white long sleeve shirts day after day. It is precisely then when your inner fashion maven needs to shine and help you make every look your own. The handsome fellow above really let his personality shine through with his impeccable use of accessories. He started his outfit off with a fitted Zara suit and button-down shirt. To this, he added some brass rings, a rose pink Yves Saint Laurent tie, and a Coach belt that echoed the vintage details in his rings. His Happy socks brought some color, pattern and necessary playfulness to the attire. Today’s Fashionisto said “adieu” to a normal business briefcase and opted for this cherry red leather Dr. Martens bag. The most amazing part of the bag, apart from its business-fab look and brass details, is the fact that when you turn it around it’s actually a backpack! Finally, his Chanel eyewear gave his outfit a turn for the intellectual.

There’s absolutely no question this Fashionisto has killer style and knows how to do business right! He is the perfect example that in most cases, it’s the small details the ones who really make a statement.

One Simple Change: Done with the job search and ready for some fun? Ditch the blazer and tie and roll up your long sleeves. Then, switch your bag from briefcase to backpack mode. You’ll have a hipster-chic outfit ready for the streets of The Big Apple in the blink of an eye.