WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Everyone has to do it, the dreaded interview process. It is so important to always remember that your first impression is the most important impression you make when you walk into an office to meet a potential employer. So what can you do to put your best foot forward? Be professional, be polite, bring your resume and dress to impress!

An interview outfit says a lot about what you are about and who you are! Depending on the type of job you are going for, you must dress accordingly. So if your job is very casual, you can wear a nice dress or maybe even jeans. But if your job is more business-professional, you might want to opt for the more classic blazer and slacks. However, just because you have a certain type of dress code does not mean you can’t look stylish and fashion-forward!

This Fashionista works in a more casual environment, but she still looks professional and like she is ready to take on any job. When it comes to interview clothes, personally I don’t think you can ever go wrong with black! Her dress is simple but has a studded collar, which adds some personality to her look. Not to mention you don’t need to wear any necklaces! She tied the look together by wearing some simple sandals and a professional purse. By wearing a dress with simple details and accessories, you are giving your interviewer more of an opportunity to get to know you and how lucky they would to have you on their team! You don’t want to distract them with a bold print or color.

Next time you have to go in for an interview, remember that everyone has to do it and it is a part of life. Just because you are nervous, don’t let anyone else know by not wearing something you are completely confident in. If you dress to impress and show them how professional and ready to learn you are, how could they say no?

One Simple Change: Interviews are exciting, but so is date night! Easily transition this look to be date night perfect by throwing on some chunky black wedges, putting your hair up in a top knot and wearing some red lipstick. Your date won’t be able to take their eyes off you!